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april wagner
Ordered on-line and our food was good and made to order. However, I have been to and ordered from this restaurant several times within the few years, and the past two times I have had sushi from here the pickled ginger has been terrible. It tastes rotten or rancid and immediately smells bad. My Mother and boyfriend both agree, that the ginger is not good, and we have never had bad ginger like that at any other restaurant or bought from a store.
Robert Bentson
I ordered Shrimp in Lobster sauce. I received a good amount (10) of nice sized delicious shrimp in a bland watery sauce with carrots and peas. THIS IS NOT SHRIMP IN LOBSTER SAUCE. I first had this item in China town in San Francisco and many times since. The sauce is supposed to be dark with ginger, black bean and bean sprouts. I will copy the page from my cook book and bring it to you so you can do it correctly.
I changed my order one second after saying it because I saw the price of the item and decided on something else. The waitress misunderstood and wrote both down.. (how on earth they thaught I alone was going to eat this amount of food was beyond me!).. I informed her about her mistake and she argued with me. She never came back to ask how my food was( it was chewy and tasted like it came out of the refrigerator). Then proceeded to quickly toss the hard plastic check tray on the table and walk away. I live only minutes from here and will go to Lotus instead. Rude service.
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